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RSO Oil For Complex Regional Pain Syndrome Treatment

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Complex regional pain syndrome, or CRPS, is a condition that affects the nervous system and manifests itself in chronic pain, swelling, and changes in skin color. The symptoms can be so severe that they interfere with daily life. Although there are many treatments available for CRPS patients to help manage their pain symptoms and inflammation, there are few solutions that reverse the progress of CRPS or reduce its severity. One remedy that has been proven effective at relieving chronic pain is RSO oil. RSO Oil for CRPS has been known to reduce unpleasant symptoms and provide relief.

The Link Between CRPS and Cannabis

Since you’ve been diagnosed with CRPS, you’ve probably begun to explore all the different ways that medical cannabis can help. RSO oil for CRPS is one of the most natural remedies you can follow. It may not surprise you to learn that cannabis has been used for centuries as a natural pain reliever and sleep aid. Research shows that a significant majority of people who use cannabis report an improvement in both pain and sleep when they take it regularly. And while it’s still unclear how exactly these effects work (and more research needs to be done), there is no doubt that cannabis has helped many people manage their symptoms effectively.

RSO can also help with anxiety and depression—two common side effects of CRPS—by calming the mind and reducing stress levels so your thoughts aren’t constantly spinning around things like “why did this happen?” or “how do I fix this?” Treating CRPS with RSO can be the leveling peace of mind you need while managing your symptoms. Rick Simpson Oil is CRPS’s cure

Can RSO Help with CRPS?

RSO oil has been used for treating CRPS, and many people have reported positive results. While the research on RSO oil is still being conducted, it’s clear that this compound could play a role in treating CRPS.

    • Rick Simpson oil and CRPS – Topical treatment: A few studies have shown that topical application of RSO oil for RSD can help reduce symptoms of CRPS. One study looked at topical treatment with cannabinoids on acute and chronic pain in rats, finding that “there were no significant differences between the group treated with CBD or CBG and those treated only with it.” Another study found that applying cannabinoids topically helped reduce pain from diabetic neuropathy (nerve damage).
    • Rick Simpson oil and CRPS – Oral treatment: You can also use oral drops of RSO for pain relief if you are experiencing severe symptoms from CRPS. In one case study involving a man who took cannabis-infused oils every day for a year after surviving a car accident resulting in severe nerve damage, he experienced reduced pain levels over time compared to those who did not take any cannabis products at all!

Safety and Side Effects of Using RSO for CRPS

While there are only a few studies available about the use of cannabis for pain management, it’s clear that there are potential benefits for the treatment of RSD. But like any treatment option, you should consider the risks versus benefits before starting to take any new medications treatment of RSD.

Treatment of RSD – Safety: The safety profile of cannabinoids has been well-established in human trials (1). No cases of death associated with cannabis use were reported by physicians or autopsy reports in individuals who died from causes other than complications from drug overdose (2).

RSO oil for RSD – Side effects: Cannabinoid side effects vary based on which cannabinoid is used; however, most users report feeling sedated after using medical marijuana products containing THC (3). Other common side effects include dizziness/nausea, dry mouth/thirstiness, fatigue/weakness, increased appetite, and drowsiness/sleepiness (4)

RSO oil has been noted as a fast-acting and reliable method for treating the symptoms of Complex Regional Pain Syndrome.

Complex regional pain syndrome (CRPS) is a chronic pain condition that can affect any part of the body. It’s characterized by continuous and intense pain in one limb that’s disproportionate to any trauma or injury. Other symptoms include redness, swelling, warmth, and tingling sensations in the affected area.

Complex Regional Pain Syndrome Treatment can be easy if you know what to do. The good news is that there are multiple RSO oil uses for CRPS – with many patients reporting positive changes after just one month of use! Some benefits of using RSO oil for RSD include:

  • Reducing inflammation in the joints
  • Treating nerve damage caused by compression injuries like carpal tunnel syndrome or spinal cord compression syndromes caused by herniated discs in your neck or lower back problems

According to research conducted by Dr. Dustin Sulak—a medical professional specializing in cannabis therapies—RSO oil may be able to help Complex Regional Pain Syndrome Treatment and it’s symptoms including but not limited to: muscle spasms, burning sensations during movement (dysesthesia), painful joint contractures/stiffness (contractures), swelling due to poor blood circulation or edema/edema due to lymphatic congestion issues such as lymphedema caused by breast cancer surgery removal surgeries.

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